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5 best foods for muscle gain

5 best foods for Muscle gain 

5 best foods for muscle gain

Exercise tears and destroys muscle. but what builds it is nutrition  Without a diet that suits you personally. you will not get the muscle gains you desire.
You have multiple choices of foods, some of which make you feel full quickly without providing you with enough energy. and others that barely fill your mouth but are full of energy.
In this article  dear reader, we will save you the trouble of searching and show you the best foods for muscle amplification.

Best foods to bulk up

In the period of muscle amplification, you need to consume more calories than your body needs and to ensure that you achieve this, you must focus on high-calorie foods. and at the same time achieve your daily need for nutrients from proteins  carbohydrates and fats .

the rice

Rice is the primary carbohydrate source that bodybuilders and fitness pioneers adopt in their diet at all times. but it becomes more relied upon during the amplification period because it provides the player with the energy needed to exercise and build muscle.

Rice is classified as a slow absorbing carbohydrate, meaning that it provides the body with energy in the long term  and this is good for improving the effectiveness of exercise and avoiding the disadvantages of fast sugars on the health of the body.


What distinguishes oats from other sources of carbohydrates is that they are rich in proteins  as every 100 grams of oats provides approximately 17 grams of protein.

A source of slow-absorbing carbohydrates that fits your goal of bulking, it is also rich in fiber that supports digestive health, in addition to many minerals and vitamins important for general health.


Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein. It contains a large amount of healthy fats. making it a high-calorie food suitable for the period of muscle bulking.

Other than that, salmon is rich in omega-3 that supports the health of the heart and arteries and improves the hormones of the body, which contributes positively and significantly to muscle development.

Cheap, abundant and delicious, all of these reasons crown eggs as the preferred source of protein for bodybuilders and fitness players It is rich in healthy fats that increase its calorific value and make it suitable for the period of muscle amplification.

There is a common myth surrounding eggs that they cause atherosclerosis due to their high cholesterol content but recent studies have found that cholesterol in food has nothing to do with cholesterol that causes heart disease.

Full details with scientific sources in the following article: Do eggs contain cholesterol?

Peanut Butter

588 calories per 100 grams. a very large number. of course you will only take a spoon or two in your meal but it remains an important addition during the bulking period.

Besides being rich in protein, peanuts are an excellent source of healthy fats for more muscle growth and better health.

a summary

There are still a lot of high-calorie foods suitable for the period of muscle amplification. but my list is limited to the best 5 foods only in terms of caloric or energy content and in terms of nutritional value as well.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to choose your meals during the amplification period, enjoy the journey🙂.

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