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1. What is muscle amplification?
1.1. bulking diet (3,000 calories).
1.2. last word.

Diet is the most important component to achieving your goals in changing your body. Your body will not only amplify the muscles on its own with exercise, but will need fuel for the success of building processes. Without providing your body with the necessary nutrients from proteins, fats and carbohydrates , you will not get satisfactory results.

It is true that the training program is also important to amplify the muscles, but the muscles do not grow in the gym, but during rest and when the necessary nutrition is available. In this article, we will save you the trouble of calculating and offer you a ready-made and scientifically validated bulking diet to achieve your training goals and improve your health.

What is muscle amplification?

Amplification is a period that a bodybuilder and fitness goes through with the aim of gaining weight, this increase is muscles and fat, and although the real goal is to increase muscle mass, it is difficult to inflate the muscles without gaining an amount of fat that is later disposed of in the period of muscle toning. .
bulking diet (3,000 calories)

Note before starting:

This diet will not suit everyone, it will only suit people who need 3000 calories, but you can change the quantities and types of food according to your own needs. 


The first meal - breakfast (8:00):70 grams of oats.
3 whole eggs.
20 grams of peanut butter .
A glass of orange juice.

Snack (10:30):20 grams of almonds.
Medium sized banana.

The third meal - lunch (13:00):400 grams of macaroni.
80 grams of chicken breast.
Green salad bowl with a spoonful of olive oil.

The fourth meal - two hours before exercise:300 grams of rice.
80 grams of chicken breast.

Snack 15-30 minutes before exercise:A cup of plain coffee without sugar.
Medium sized banana.

Fifth meal - after exercise300 grams boiled potatoes.
3 eggs.
A spoonful of olive oil.

Thus, you have got 3000 calories, however, we strongly advise you to modify the program to suit you, so that you remove the foods you do not like and put the foods you like, this will make you stick to the diet for as long as possible.

Important note: 

 The foods in this program are weighed after cooking, because it is the easiest and fastest way, so that you can cook your meals for a whole day and store them until the time of your meal and weigh the amount you need.

last word

Adhering to a diet is an essential step to achieving your goals in bodybuilding and fitness, and what makes it a successful task is continuity and commitment to achieve great and sustainable results.

What about you? Do you stick to a diet or not? Tell me in the comments😄
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