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1. The importance of nutrition in the world of bodybuilding

1.1. Elements of natural nutrition in bodybuilding and fitness
1.2. Natural nutrition or supplements?
1.3. Is nutritional supplement necessary to see good results?
1.4. Why is protein more effective?
1.5. Beware of unknown proteins

Eat canned tuna after your workout instead of buying protein powder!!

I guess this isn't the first time you've heard this phrase, can you really only rely on tuna after a workout? Do food and natural foods in general dispense with nutritional supplements?

Let's say you need 40g of protein after a workout, and a can of tuna has about 50g, is it really enough? Are protein powder and other supplements unnecessary to get results?

What I will write to you in the next lines may completely change your thinking in the world of supplements and natural nutrition. The next lines are the product of many years of experience of exercise and experience. I do not think that you will find anyone who can tell you the truth except us.

The importance of nutrition in the world of bodybuilding

Nutrition is the most important element in bodybuilding and its importance reaches 70% compared to the rest of the elements, in addition to being the most difficult part of the task. It's easy to get enough sleep and exercise well, but how are you with nutrition? You may think that you are on the right nutrition? But what guarantees that?   

Honestly, the only criterion to measure this is one thing, watch yourself and if you find that you are progressing in muscle size and strength, congratulations to you, nutrition is good, but if you find yourself not progressing, then know that this is due to nutrition, it is true that the problem may be in the exercise itself, but 90% of your problem is related to nutritional deficiency. 

Elements of natural nutrition in bodybuilding and fitness


If your goal is to bulk up and gain muscle, you need protein, and if your goal is to lose weight and define muscle, you need more protein.

Protein is primarily associated with building muscle, and as a bodybuilder you need it in every meal and even in your fast food. You need between 1.6-2 grams of protein per one kilogram of your body, if you are 80 kg, for example, you need approximately (128-160) grams every day, with this amount distributed among your separate meals. 


Carbohydrates are also a very important element that is no less important than protein, especially in the amplification stage, as you will most likely eat 4-5 small and medium-sized carb meals of pure carbohydrates such as potatoes, oats, brown bread, bananas and fruits in general.    

healthy fats

Healthy fats are very important in building muscle and are found in abundance in nuts, especially almonds, in olive oil, and in many fish such as salmon, shrimp and some other fatty fish.  

Minerals and vitamins

This is an element that is always neglected, it is true that you get it automatically by providing the three elements above, but it is also important that you allocate it. Pay more attention to spinach, broccoli, collard greens, and green salad, all of which will better support your results. Nutrition has a lot of tips and angles but that's not today's topic, I just liked to give you just a little background and let's get back to our topic.  

Natural nutrition or supplements?

Natural nutrition, as explained above, is very, very important, but does it dispense with supplements?!  

in which grade are you? Are you a beginner? Have you been playing the game for 6 months or even a year?   

No problem, you can stick to the perfect natural nutrition and you will get very good results, and if you don't find a response, know that the problem is most likely due to your exercise itself.  

Are you intermediate or advanced? Have you been playing the game for two or three years? Are your weights somewhat advanced? Have you started to feel that your body is not growing well lately? Do you feel weak results?  

Forget about natural nutrition my friend, of course you will stick to it but you need to give your body the taste of ready-made protein shakes and supplements. Don't tell me, "I eat tuna after a workout."  

Who invented these damn words, who convinced so many advanced and intermediate players that supplements can be dispensed with entirely and replaced with tuna and eggs!  

I know you're shocked especially if you're one of those people who reject the idea of ​​supplements, but don't get me wrong, I don't encourage you to buy supplements or even tell you they are 100% necessary, but all I want you to realize is that food alone won't lift you to a higher level, and you will always be Your place, this is the ceiling of your ambitions, after a year or even five you will still be the same or maybe get a little progress. 

Is nutritional supplement necessary to see good results?

No, that doesn't contradict my opinion above, I told you that supplements do better, especially at a certain point, they just take your hand to the next level. And you can't even rely heavily on it in your day, meaning that your day has 6 meals for example, (it will be one, two or three in some exceptional cases) based on protein powder, but you can't take protein for four or five times every day, This is also bad and does not give normal food its due.

Why is protein more effective?

It is normal to ask yourself this question especially if you eat 50g of protein derived from tuna or meat after a workout, why is 50g of protein from industrial protein powder better than 50g of protein derived from tuna?  

Simply, the synthetic protein goes through purification stages that make it in the purest form. It is also characterized by the speed of absorption immediately after the exercise round. It goes to your muscles when you need it most. As for the natural protein, it is slow to absorb and takes about two hours to reach your muscles, and its purity may be less than the purity of protein. Industrial high quality.  

Beware of unknown proteins

The market is full of weak and unoriginal products, especially the Arab supplement market. So I assure you that the protein is high quality and famous for its good results, I don't stipulate the most expensive one but go after the reputable even if it is cheap. 

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