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Everyone knows that the drying period is one of the most stressful periods for fitness players and bodybuilders. due to the difficulty of the diet and reducing the percentage of carbs and healthy fats to the lowest possible percentage. and everyone also knows that getting new muscles requires eating not small amounts of carbs and fats. Is it really impossible to build muscle during the cutting period?

This is the topic of our discussion today, and it is one of the topics that will change your thinking and help you make the right decision and get results.

Amplification and drying


What do you need to build muscle during the bulking period?


In order to gain more muscle, you need to follow a high-calorie diet of 250-500 calories than your daily need. .


What do you need to build muscle during the cutting period?

As for the drying period, you need to lose fat, and this needs 250-500 calories less than your daily need. Let's assume that your daily need is 2500 calories, and you aim to lose fat. and therefore you will follow a 2000-calorie diet.

In short, useful

Bulking requires high calories and sometimes players may resort to very high calories, and dehydration requires low calories and clean foods, the two goals are different and we can say that they are contradictory.

You'll meet those people who say they follow a moderate calorie diet in order to build muscle while cutting out. you know what happens?! They just stand in place, they don't build new muscle well and they don't lose the fat that bothers them faster. they just procrastinate and waste their effort.

Throughout your life in this game. you as a continuous player have two choices: either you inflate and follow an appropriate diet for that, or you dry up and follow a proper diet and exercise that serves this goal, except for rest or travel situations that impose a medium-calorie diet on you.

Who can gain muscle while cutting?

I know you will say to me: “I know so-and-so who gained new muscles while drying,” and I also know them and have been through a lot, and of course there are some players who can lose weight and gain new muscles at the same time.


1. Novice player

 Yes, you may find some beginners who suffer from obesity have succeeded in losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

The reason: their bodies are not yet accustomed to lifting weights, and their muscles are more likely to progress and grow than anyone else; So you may find some of them succeeded in building new muscles and losing fat properly, but if you focus well, you will find that they did not become superheroes, they only gained some simple muscles. and of course their results will depend. if they continue on this system.


2. The Dropped Player

You will find that someone was doing it too, but this is because he was cut off and then returned to the gym again, he had muscles of the same size before he was cut off from the gym, and when he came back it was easy for him to regain his body this mass even if he was following a diet aimed at losing Kind of fat .

3. Hormone user

There are some hormones that allow the player to burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously. so don't be surprised, and don't compare yourself to hormone users in any way.

Select your goal

My friend, the most important thing you do in bodybuilding is setting a goal, setting your goal, following an appropriate diet and your own exercise regime . Believe me. if you just let it float around aimlessly, you won't get any results for years.

If you are low on fat. have prominent abs, and are satisfied with the level of definition and appearance of your muscles, you will be on the path to bulking.

If your fat percentage is high, and you are not satisfied with the division and clarity of muscles. the right way is to lose weight.

It is simple and the path is clear. start your journey from now, and keep going.


Important tips during the drying period


More protein

A drying diet should contain high levels of protein, make sure that each meal contains a pure source of protein. 

Pay attention to healthy fats

Pay more attention to healthy fats during the cutting period, as they will help you lose fat and maintain muscle mass better.

Don't eat too many carbohydrates

Do not overload the carp. but it is necessary to have carp in the pre-workout meal and the post-workout meal to replace the glycogen in the muscle tissue.


Rely on HIIT exercises to burn fat

During the cutting period. you must do fat burning exercises such as cardio, but HIIT is better to maintain muscle mass.

Do HIIT three times a week.

These are the most important tips in the drying period that help players maintain their muscle mass or perhaps even increase it as some try.

You can try to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and maybe you may achieve some results within 3 or 4 months. but I want you to know that if you decide to dry properly for one month and then go to bulking for two or three months, the results will be much better and guaranteed, unlike those who try to He goes east and west at the same time.

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