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How to build lean muscle mass quickly?

 How to build lean muscle Mass quickly?

How to build lean muscle mass quickly

In this must-watch essential clip. we explain the principles of the bulking period, opening up the discussion about old-school dirty bulking and comparing it to clean or pure modern-school bulking.

We also discussed the duration of the amplification stage, is two months sufficient or more? In addition to the timing of the muscular hypertrophy period, is it inflated in summer or winter? Then we moved to the topic of exercise in the period of muscle amplification, and discussed the difference in the training regime and the quality of exercises to increase muscle mass.

In addition to the effect of cardio in amplifying muscles and the best timing and duration of the period of bulking. all this with an explanation of the appropriate diet for the amplification stage. eating. nutrients and calories. Then we concluded the section with some important tips for the period of muscle mass and information to obtain the largest possible increase in muscle size.

An integrated program to help you achieve your goals of bodybuilding and fitness, follow it, if you do not understand a part, repeat watching or ask us, we will always be at your service!

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