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1. Choosing the right supplement for you

1.1. protein powder
1.2. creatine
1.3. BCAA
1.4. Multi-Vitamins
1.5. Fish oil
1.6. The most important slimming supplement
1.7. Top bulking supplements
1.8. The most important weight loss supplement

Amino or BCAA?!! Omega 3 or vita  mins?!!!

You enter the supplement store, you find endless rows of nutritional supplements, you don't know which of them is right for your body, you don't know what you need in the stage of bulking or cutting. Are all of them effective? Should I start with a certain type of supplement? Do I have to buy supplements from the ground up?  

The never-ending and uninterrupted puzzlement of bodybuilders. Let me take you on a journey to learn about the types of supplements and the best ones, and how to determine the right supplement for your body and for your goal, whether it is bulking, slimming, or even slimming.  

In the beginning, let me introduce you to the most famous types in the world of bodybuilding.

Choosing the right supplement for you
protein powder

Simply put, your body needs an amount of protein every day, and it is sometimes difficult to provide it all through food; So players resort to buying protein powder, you can use protein as a basic meal alternative to food in any meal of your day, meaning if you are outside and cannot eat any source of protein, then you can drink a protein shake.  

The main use of protein powder is always right after a workout to provide the body with 40-50 grams of protein, also there are a lot of recommendations about drinking protein in the morning, because early morning is an ideal time for muscle growth.

Types of protein powder

Concentrated: It contains a higher percentage of carbohydrates, is quickly absorbed but not as quickly as the isolated type.

Isolated: Fast absorbing and low in carbohydrates.

Slow absorbing -   casein : a special type of protein, you can rely on it before bed to provide you with the protein needed to build muscle over a period of 5-7 hours because it is slow to absorb.  

The best kind in terms of price and result

In fact, if you are not very rich, do not think much, rely on the first type, concentrated, because it is the cheapest and shows excellent results among the players. It is true that it has a higher percentage of carbohydrates than the isolated type, but it is still an acceptable and permissible percentage even when you are in the drying stage. . .
But if you have a large amount of money, you can of course resort to the other two types according to your need.


If you have a choice between buying protein and creatine, choose creatine without hesitation, it is an excellent and effective nutritional supplement for most players. It also supports you after exercise in times of rest and growth and gives your body a good amount of what it needs to grow.

There are many types of creatine on the market, the best and cheapest being monohydrates and it works very well.
The best type in terms of price and quality: If you decide to buy creatine, try monohydrates as a start for you. to zero, so once you feel like creatine isn't for you, don't waste your money on it for good.

“Creatine damages the liver and should not be used for a long period of time, so it must be cut and reused later.”  

This is what you hear from many coaches and players, in fact this is just a baseless rumor and this is what studies have proven over the years.  

study was conducted on players who used creatine for 21 continuous months without interruption, and the result was: There is no real harm from it, and there are no liver or other damages, as some claim.  

Come with me to the second lie: “creatine dries up the muscles, prevents them from watering and causes cramps.”  

A lie my friend is just a lie like every other in our game.   Studies
have shown that creatine does not prevent water and does not affect the water saturation and hydration of your muscles. On the contrary, creatine helps supply your muscles with water, and this is one of the positives of course.  

Creatine causes digestion problems.  

No and a thousand no, but just stick to the prescribed dose and don't go overboard. This was confirmed by this study in 2011 .  

Creatine increases weight.  

Is this a lie too?!
No, in fact, creatine actually increases you a few kilograms, but not fat, but water and muscles. As I told you, creatine supports the muscles with the water needed for building, which increases the weight of the body as a whole.  

The only science-proven problem with creatine is that it interacts with other medications and this can get you in some trouble, so if you're taking any other medication especially blood sugar related medications, check with your doctor. Creatine is an effective nutritional supplement that is cheap compared to others and does not cause problems as some claim, and if you haven't tried it yet give it a chance.  


In the beginning, this supplement is a group of amino acids that are very useful for building muscle, the body cannot manufacture them on its own, but derives them from foods or the supplement itself containing these acids.  

Does protein replace BCAA?

If you buy any type of protein, it says it contains BCAA's. It is true that it does provide BCAA, but in a small amount and not enough for your body. This is the case with most types of protein on the market, and just so you know, protein companies compete against each other by increasing the percentage of BCAAs in their products to add to it a strong advantage.  

BCAA or creatine?! 

Honestly, I support creatine, but as I told you our bodies don't respond to the same levels, so you have to experiment.  


They are very useful for us because they provide the necessary salts and minerals for your body and protect you from declines in your general health or the level of your exercise itself. 

Is it effective for building more muscle?

Honestly it is good for your health and your athletic performance and general, but its results will not be as strong as a protein powder or creatine, you can buy it alongside protein if you like, honestly I call it a (supplement), because it has compounds that help absorb macros and that is what we really need.  

Fish oil

This is what gives you Omega-3, which is a very important component for building muscle. The good kind is the one that contains both DHA and EPA and not just one of them, and of course you can check this by reading their ticks on the box.  

This supplement supports joint health, mental focus and vision health.  

The supplement is available in tablet and liquid form, but it tastes bad.  

In fact, these types are the basic types and they are arranged according to their importance to your body and the strength of their effectiveness on the players, there are other types that you can try but they are not famous for a good result especially with beginners and intermediate in our game.   

I advise you to try basic supplements at first, such as protein and creatine, and remember that the basis is the one that bears the entire origin.

The most important slimming supplement

Of course, you need a clean protein that is low in calories, such as isolated, but its price is high. You can rely on concentrated, it is true that it has a percentage of calories, but it is acceptable and will not hinder your results.  

I would recommend BCAA or creatine too but this is second only to protein, and they are not essential.  

Of course, you can try one of the products above as you wish, but the most important thing is to stay away from high calories only, and this is far from the supplements above.  

Top bulking supplements.

In fact, all the supplements above are suitable for you. You can use concentrated protein, especially if you are not afraid of fat. You can resort to high-calorie protein, which is known as gainers, but beware, as this will often add some fat to you, so do not dare gainers except If you're one of those very skinny, hard gainers, or else you'll be a bear.  

You can buy some types of fast and slow absorbing carbohydrates, but they are not very necessary and can be dispensed with, especially in the case of beginners and intermediates.  

The most important weight loss supplement

In fact, you are not confused, you just need one of the fat burners. But I see that the subject does not need to pay money in the first place, and in the end it is not magic, it will only speed up the appearance of results. 

Always remember that diet is key and supplements are not magic, they are only good for those who are disciplined in nutrition and you will not work for those who depend on pizza and pancakes as their daily food, if you are one of them, save your money better.  

Beware of buying supplements from unreliable sources such as unknown companies or unscrupulous dealer trainers, don't let your trainer impose on you unknown and ineffective types just because they will expire after their storage length.  

Always check the expiration date. Remember that our bodies react to supplements differently, and there is no problem if you try one product and do not find a good result, there is another that will give you very good results, try until you find the right one for you or declare bankruptcy. 

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