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Optimal cardio duration ?

 Optimal cardio duration ?

Ideal Cardio Duration
Cardio for bulking and building muscle.
Cardio for slimming and weight loss.
Cardio for muscle tone.
Cardio tips for beginners.
last word.

How many times have you started cardio with enthusiasm and after a short period of time withdrew due to not being sure whether what you are doing is really good and beneficial to achieve your goals or not? If your answer is yes. then you are not alone in this story.

Knowing how long cardio exercises are effective can be confusing. especially if the length of time you tried isn't appropriate for your goals and abilities. But don't worry, after you finish reading this article, you will be able to decide how much time is right for you, whether your goal is just to sweat and have fun, lose or gain weight. or even improve your health and fitness.

The ideal duration of cardio exercises.

Bodies vary based on many factors, including genetic history, metabolic rate , height, weight and age. You will find someone trying to lose fat, another trying to gain muscle and others trying to improve their health. and you will find different levels of fitness! For these reasons, there is no perfect recommendation for the duration of cardio exercises, but there is a period that is suitable for you personally.

Cardio for bulking and building muscle

High-intensity cardio burns a large number of calories, which can make it difficult for you to gain weight. It is best to do low-intensity cardio to improve cardiovascular health without burning a lot of calories, by not exceeding 30 minutes in activities such as cycling, walking. The device is elliptical.

Many trainees who want to increase their muscle gains exclude cardio from their training programs, while cardio can achieve additional huge gains! Yes, cardio increases the appetite to eat more calories. improves blood flow for a better recovery . and these are factors that directly affect the development of your muscle mass.

2-3 times a week of low-intensity cardio will be an important addition to achieving your goals in amplification and improving your physical, psychological and mental health, and will work to reduce the accumulation of fat accompanying the amplification period, so there is no justification for you to ignore cardio and deprive yourself of all those benefits.

Cardio for slimming and weight loss

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, you should get at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity cardio, or 75 to 150 minutes of high intensity cardio per week to achieve good fat loss results .

In other words, 60-90 minutes of low-intensity cardio, 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio, or 15-30 minutes of high-intensity cardio, 5 days a week is an excellent goal for burning a large number of calories to lose fat. .

However, cardio can be made more flexible according to your own lifestyle. For example, if your slimming calories are already low, you will not need to adhere to these periods of cardio because your diet will cost you the burn, or for example, if you do resistance exercises with weights, you burn really high calories for the duration Your week and you won't necessarily need all those hours of cardio. and we will not exclude from this list people who are constantly walking or who engage in work that requires physical effort.

This is not a call to skip cardio. as it is so important for losing fat and maintaining your health, but it is a call to be more flexible and make cardio fit into your diet and other activities.

Cardio for muscle tone.

The duration of cardio exercises for drying differs from cardio for slimming or fat loss, depending on the goal. Often the goal of slimming is to lose fat only without paying much attention to muscles, but drying is directed towards maintaining muscle while losing those accumulated fat around the muscles.

This leads us to prefer exercise times over others, but it does not necessarily make us prefer cardio durations or types over others. In other words, you can follow the same cardio instructions to lose fat and get good results, but with regard to the timing of cardio performance, it is important for success in the cutting period.

It is always recommended to postpone cardio until after or at least 6 hours before resistance exercises if you have to. The best practice is to make cardio and resistance on different days. and the worst of all is to do cardio before your lower body exercises. Yes, do not try that because it will negatively affect your performance.

One of the practices that is highly recommended during the drying period is the performance of frequent high-intensity cardio or “HIIT Cardio” because it provides the advantage of muscle building in addition to burning fat effectively, but it is not mandatory. especially if you find it exhausting and weaken your performance in resistance exercises.

Cardio tips for beginners

  • Warm up before you start Getting injuries is the last thing you wish to happen while doing cardio, so make sure you take 5 minutes of gentle warm-ups before your session begins.
  • Cool down before you finish: You won't be happy with muscle spasms here and there in different areas of your body too, right? If you do a cooling session before you finish. Quite simply, it is done by gradually reducing the intensity of the cardio for 5 minutes before stopping.
  • Graduation: Imagine that you are going to try swimming for the first time, will you jump in a 10m pool? Of course not, and this is how I want you to deal with cardio, in your first session 5-10 minutes will be a great achievement, and after each session you slowly raise your level until you reach the time that suits you.
  • Continuity: One serving will not end your problems with excess fat, no matter how miraculous. If you want to achieve satisfactory results, stick to a long-term plan and make it suitable for your lifestyle so that you can continue with it.
  • last word

    Whatever your goal, whatever your level, remember to make the duration of cardio exercises suit you personally, and stop your search for ideal plans, the best equation to achieve your goals is the one you enjoy and continue in for as long as possible.

    The bottom line here is to love what you do. then you will be able to achieve your goals in a faster time than you can imagine, and will transform cardio from a worrying routine to a daily habit and an enjoyable lifestyle that keeps you at your level permanently and improves the quality of your life.

    Tell me in the comments about your favorite cardio workout, and if you don't already have one. how long do you plan to do in the future.😄😃

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