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 What is bcaa?

It is often said about people who train in the gym that they take BCAA supplements because they are effective in building muscle in the body. so what is BCAA? In this article. we will discuss with you everything you need to know about it

BCAA supplements have gained wide popularity in the last few years and are used by many players for different sports. There are sayings that nutritional supplements help to maintain muscle mass during the slimming process and also helps to increase physical strength and endurance during the exercises themselves.

In this article. we will learn about what BCAA is. its effectiveness and dosages.

What is bcaa?

Branched Chain Amino Acids are 3 essential amino acids:
leucine. isoleucine. and valine  .

And the meaning of “essential amino acids” is that the body cannot synthesize them inside and it needs them from external sources.
And these sources are complete protein from meat, eggs. dairy..etc.
Branched chain amino acids make up 40% of the body's needs of the 10 essential amino acids, which is an indication of their importance to the body.
They are called the branched chain because of their chemical composition.

The BCAA supplement is sold in tablet or powder form with different flavors.
Such as Scivation Xtend. Optimum Nutrition BCAA and other products from Muscle Pharm and ALLMAX

Why use bcaa supplements?

Most of those who play sports, especially weightlifters, resort to drying their bodies of fat, which leads to them reducing the amount of food they eat. And because they do great physical effort during exercise, their bodies need energy and one of the fastest sources of it is glycogen stored in the muscles, but due to Because the food intake is less, then its percentage is less, which causes the body to break down muscle protein to obtain the necessary energy.

And since the acquisition of muscle mass is based on increasing the rates of protein building and production in a way that exceeds the rates of its destruction. the percentage of its breakdown by the body as a source of energy must be reduced, and here lies the benefit of taking nutritional supplements.

The effectiveness of BCAA with daily protein intake:

In a recent May 2016 review, scientists Allan Aragon and Brad Schoenefeld concluded from their review of
several studies on the effectiveness of BCAAs, that it has no additional benefit if you take in the required amount of protein daily.

Scientists commented that in the event that you are unable to complete the amount of protein your body needs daily,
then the whey protein supplement is the best choice in front of you and the best alternative to that.
As leucine alone does not have a positive effect in the absence of the rest of the amino acids.

And the scientists saw that supplementing the BCAA is a waste of money and calories.
Whereas, a scoop of BCAA has 20 calories.

Also, a large review of several studies published in 2015, concluded that despite the great popularity
of the BCAA supplement, there is no evidence of its effectiveness for building muscle.
Scientists have advised to eat protein instead of the BCAA supplement.

The bottom line here is to take the body's protein needs and distribute it over 3 or 4 meals.
And in the event of a deficit, use whey protein, not BCAA.

   :Dosage of BCAA

In case you have the supplement with you now, it may be useful to take it during exercise if you are not achieving the amount of protein required of you daily.

It is best to refer to the recommended dosage on the supplement package. Because
BCAAs come in tablet or powder form. and there are some BCAA additives such as:
flavor, color and sugars. which makes it difficult to prescribe a standard dose for all supplements.
But in general, eat 5 grams of BCAA during or before exercise.
It is preferable to buy a supplement that contains a 1:1:2 ratio of leucine: isoleucine: valine

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