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                          BEST POST WORKOUT MEAL

1-The best post-workout meal

    1-1 Examples of post-workout meals

    1-2 Meal timing after exercise

A lot of exercisers are looking for the best post-workout meal, I'm sorry to tell you that there is no such thing. there are several excellent post-workout meals. which is good because this will give you more options in order to avoid boredom with the same type of food.

The majority, especially beginners, are waiting for a magical mixture to eat to wake up the next day and find that the biceps muscle has become larger. and this is completely wrong, because the meal must be in line with the requirements of your body and your personal goals.

Let me guide you in the right way to choose your meals appropriately.
Best post workout meal

After a hard training session, your body consumes a lot of energy that is stored in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen, which means that the priority is to eat a meal rich in carbohydrates to compensate for the lack of energy.

In addition to the occurrence of microscopic tears in the muscle fibers targeted in the exercise, the repair of which requires a group of amino acids that can be obtained through a meal rich in proteins.

For lipids, their role is no less important than carbohydrates and proteins, as fatty acids are involved in many chemical processes for protein synthesis and muscle recovery, such as omega-3.
Examples of post-workout meals

In these meals, we will divide the nutrients as follows:Carbohydrates: 60 grams
Proteins: 30 grams
Fats: 18 grams

This is just an example. and you can change the amount according to your diet.

Meal 1:

300 grams of rice.
80 grams of chicken breast.
A spoonful of olive oil.

Meal 2:

350 grams of potatoes.
2 whole eggs and 3 egg whites.
10 grams of walnuts (walnuts).

Meal 3:

200 grams of macaroni.
80 grams of beef.
Two tablespoons of coconut oil.
Meal timing after exercise

When you finish your training session. hurry up, run home and eat that meal, and even better, take your meal with you to the club and eat it in the changing room right after the session is over.

Yes, this is the bullshit we hear in training circles, which makes beginners spend so much energy doing things that don't really matter compared to what's more basic.

Scientific studies have proven that after a training session, there is a rapid and long-term increase in muscle protein synthesis for 72 hours in beginners. and 48 hours in advanced due to improved muscle recovery. This means that you do not have to take your meal with you to the gym or run home to eat it. because the muscle remains thirsty and sensitive to protein for 2-3 days after the session

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