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 Exercise Body Weight

Exercise Body Weight

1. Exercise Body Weight.

  1.1. Exercise with body weight builds muscle.
  1.2. Workout with body weight improves balance.
  1.3. Workout with body weight improves flexibility.
  1.4. Exercise with body weight improves mobility.
  1.5. Exercise body weight lifts endurance
  1.6. Summary

The benefits of exercise are often underestimated by body weight, so that trainees tend to tangible results only from an increase in strength and magnitude, ignoring a set of important criteria for athletic performance and physical health that are difficult to reach with weight exercises alone.

In this article, we will share with you a range of benefits you may not know about exercise with body weight.

Exercise Body Weight.

Bodyweight exercise is a type of exercise that does not require you to use any weights or sports equipment. Instead of using huge equipment, this type of exercise uses your body weight as resistance to all your movements. Good examples of this type include squats, chest compressions, dead lifting, mind, and other exercises.

Exercise with body weight builds muscle.

Many weightlifting apprentices believe that body weight exercises cannot build muscle, indeed exercise with weights remains the best for muscle enormity in terms of the speed of obtaining results, but body weight exercises can also be made effective in building muscle if exercised in the right way.

Weightlifting trainees often build more muscles by lifting their weight in exercise, thus developing through one factor, that is, increasing weights, while there are other factors of development that many do not know.

Among these factors you can exploit in your home workout to increase muscle construction:

 1-Elevation of meters (duplicates).
 2-Increased clusters.
 3-Change exercise (only when you reach your maximum).
 4-Reduce rest duration.
 5-Changing the rhythm of the meters (slowing the motion or vice versa).
We have already posted factors of continuous development on our Instagram page, follow us as we post quick information there.

Workout with body weight improves balance.

Another great benefit of body weight exercise is that it develops the balance and stability of the body, at least in some exercises such as squats with one man, pressing with one hand and the rest of similar exercises. Of course balance movements may not be easy at first, but as with all kinds of exercises, they need to be exercised.

Besides improving balance, one-stop exercises can be used to raise exercise intensity and achieve better muscle results.

Workout with body weight improves flexibility.

Another great benefit of exercise with body weight, so that it makes you more flexible. People who participate in strength and magnitude exercises certainly end up with limited range of movement (ROM) and general inflexibility.

Here comes the role of different types of body weight exercises that force you to engage your whole body in motion and recruit all your muscles and joints, which ultimately makes you more flexible and this in turn raises the effectiveness of resistance exercises.

The benefits of bodyweight exercises are not only related to improving the range of movement in exercises, but also the prevention of injuries, and even more help in the treatment of old injuries.

Exercise with body weight improves mobility.

Most people know what flexibility is, but often confuse it with kinetics. There is a difference between the two, flexibility indicates the ability of your joints to move without pain and without stiffness in the range of movement. For example, flexibility is when you are able to lift your leg up with the help of your arms and without pain. But kinetics will enable you to control the entire range of motion using only muscles. For example, you will be able to lift your leg up through the leg muscles only, reversing the elasticity on its own that needs help with your hands.

Thanks to body weight exercises, you can perform movements that recruit more than one muscle and joint, thus helping to improve the motor range of your exercise, which eventually delivers for more muscle construction and fitness.

Exercise body weight lifts endurance.

Since exercise with body weight tends to include higher repetitions than exercise with weights, you get the added benefit of building muscular endurance. We all know there's a big difference between being able to do a maximum of one squat workout and being able to do a hundred squats. But both are important qualities for fitness and athletic performance.

Bodyweight exercises give you the opportunity to develop muscle endurance, as well as strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation. Don't forget that cardio exercises are also considered body weight exercises, so that it can make your training schedule combine pressure and squat resistance exercises with jump or running.


Not being able to work with Gym doesn't mean you won't achieve tangible results. You can still raise your muscle size and strength only with home exercises. What's more, you'll get hard-to-find benefits in Gym weights.

However, the best option remains to combine the two types, exercises with weights with body weight exercises to get the best results in terms of health, athletic performance and physical appearance.

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