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Everyone knows the importance of nutrition in the world of bodybuilding and muscle building. but in fact I am not here today to talk to you about nutrition ,and how to calculate your protein or calorie needs . 

Avoid gaining fat during the bulking period.

You may have a medium-fat body and want to build new muscle mass without any fat, or your goal may be to build muscle, and lose fat at the same time. More waist fat and thighs, you try as much as possible to stay away from high-calorie foods. but is this true? Will it really give you real results?!

amplification theory.

There is something you must learn to build muscle. In order to gain new muscles, you must enter your body a good amount of calories every day. Your body needs more calories than its normal daily need. Assuming that you are an ordinary man who needs 2500 calories every day, You need to enter 3000 calories to gain muscle, so you may have increased the number of calories by only 500, and the question here is: Will the additional 500 calories turn into new muscle after the months of amplification pass?!

You will actually gain new muscle but you will gain some extra fat as well. The amount of fat may be very small and unnoticeable but it is there and there is no escape from it.

I am afraid of gaining fat, what should I do?.

As you read in the previous paragraph, you will gain some fat during the amplification period, so what will you do?!

Will you refrain from bulking up and raising calories?! Of course, you won't get results and you won't build a noticeable amount of muscle.

What is your problem with gaining some fat?! This is very normal, but there is such a thing as a “ slimming period ”. and slimming will help you lose all the fat that you gained during bulking and eventually get a clean and prominent muscle mass.

Never try to convince yourself that you will bulk up and build new muscle without any fat. If you try to follow a low-calorie diet during the amplification period, you are just wasting your time, hindering your results. and you will end the amplification period and sit without any noticeable results!!.

It is true that we can not completely avoid gaining fat, but how about we reduce it to the maximum, so that we get the best results from the bulking period.

Fat loss during bulking period.

- Hiit exercise.

What do you think of mixing weights and muscle-building exercises with hiit exercises that help burn fat?

Always make sure to do hiit exercises and cardio exercises regularly throughout the bulking period, this will give you a greater chance to eat more freely while reducing the chances of gaining additional fat.

You can do hiit exercises on a separate day or right after a weights workout.

Make sure to practice this exercise 3-4 times a week, as it will remove the worries of fat that always haunts you, and it is very beneficial for the health of the heart and body

Follow the “clean bulking” regimen.

I also advise you to keep your eyes open on the amplification system itself, what is it made of? What is the nature of the food in it? How many calories are there?

- nature food.

It is true that you are allowed to increase the number of calories, but this does not mean that you turn to pies and pizza, building muscle requires strong and pure foods and not pizza, if you rely heavily on pizza and pies, you will definitely gain more fat, especially if you have a high tendency to do so.

I advise you to follow the Clean Bulking diet, which is based on rich foods only, you will eat potatoes and oats, not pizza and pancakes. what I mean is that your calories will be from healthy food that helps your muscles grow. not from foods of poor quality.

This does not necessarily mean that you deprive yourself of the foods you love during the period of pure bulking. but it does mean that the fast food that you love should not be given more priority than pure meals, meaning that if you craved a meal one day and ate it, remove its calories and nutrients in the following days.

-How many calories are in the muscle mass system?.

Of course, you can resort to approximate equations and factors to calculate the inflation calories, but what guarantees you that the proportion of these equations with your body is 100%?! It is very possible to follow a calorie regimen based on these equations, but surprisingly, this diet adds a lot of annoying fats. What is the solution?!

For example, let's say you're on a 3,500-calorie diet, which is a very reasonable number to amplify, all you have to do is watch the results.

Weigh yourself every morning before breakfast and after emptying your belly for 14 days, compare the average weight in the first 7 days with the average weight in the second 7 days, if you find your weight has increased significantly, then you are gaining more fat, and this The system is bad for you, reduce the number of calories to 3200 for example, then weigh yourself again in the same way, if you find that your weight is slowly increasing, congratulations! You're off fat. on your way to gaining muscle, and of course your eyes are the best judges of results.

Drying will get you rid of all the fat .

I would like to tell you that even if you gain some extra fat that is out of your control during the bulking period, you will lose it during the cutting period without any problems, so don't worry

- Conclusion

Amplification is a very important stage in bodybuilding and even in the world of fitness, without amplification. you will not build large muscles. and you will not change your body significantly.

If you're worried about bulking fat, and you know you're the anxious type, make sure you lose fat before you get into the bulking phase so you can eat more freely.

You can reduce the fat gained during the bulking period, but it cannot be avoided at all.

Clean bulking based on pure. healthy foods is better than bulking based on pizza and pancakes.

Once you enter the amplification stage, you should eat, eat, eat, and do not tell me: “I am afraid of fat”. as I told you there is a well-known stage called “cutting”.

Cardio and hiit exercises play a major role in reducing the chances of gaining fat during the bulking period, so do not neglect it.

Remember that you have two options: bulking, in which you aim to increase the size of your muscles, and drying, in which you aim to lose fat and highlight muscle features more clearly; But if you find yourself lost and without a goal. know that you will not make much progress.

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