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1. Causes of fatigue during exercise
1.1. depletion of glycogen
1.2. hormonal changes
1.3. Low Creatine Phosphate
1.4. lack of rest
1.5. temperature and dryness

Fatigue occurs in the gym, whether short or long-term exercises. Constant muscle contraction depletes the body's stores of energy and feelings of fatigue and exhaustion appear.

The relationship between exercise and fatigue has always been an interesting area with many research studies focusing on the main causes, so in this article we will summarize for you the most important reasons that lead to feeling tired while performing bodybuilding exercises or any other sport.
Causes of fatigue during exercise.

depletion of glycogen.

During the rest period, the body stores the excess energy in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles. And when you do muscle effort. the body breaks down glycogen and turns it into a simple sugar, which is a usable energy called glucose .

Depletion of muscle glycogen is usually the main cause of fatigue, although your muscles can exercise two hours or more at a continuous high-intensity pace before fatigue sets in. Therefore. glycogen stores must be charged by eating meals rich in carbohydrates .
hormonal changes

Fatigue can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with laziness and lethargy. It increases during long-term exercise. When you exercise for long periods of time. you may experience a marked decrease in energy levels. This decrease occurs due to the work of your body’s muscles that release tryptophan . an amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin.

Another hormonal change that causes fatigue is the production of cortisol . In healthy people. cortisol concentration decreases during the early stages of exercise, but then begins to rise during prolonged exercise, usually after about an hour. Excessive cortisol production may be a factor in fatigue. because hormonal production occurs in the body
Low Creatine Phosphate

Creatine phosphate is a molecule that plays a role in the operation of skeletal muscle during exercise. Its primary role is the regeneration of ATP molecules, which are energy-carrying molecules that make muscles contract.

The action of creatine phosphate ensures that the ATP level is at least 70% before performing iron exercises or whatever. This means that prolonged exercise leads to the depletion of creatine phosphate, which makes the muscles receive less energy and thus begins to feel tired.
lack of rest

Getting insufficient amounts of sleep, and physical stress during rest days, are all reasons that lead to feeling very tired in the gym. because the muscles do not take enough time to recover and recover from the microscopic tears that occurred to the muscle fibers as a result of a harsh exercise that you previously performed.

Therefore, care must be taken to sleep for a sufficient period of not less than 8 hours in the night periods and to avoid doing strenuous work during the days of rest. in order to restore energy and exercise properly.
temperature and dryness

High body temperature with low water availability affects the cardiovascular system, reducing muscle strength and endurance, and eventually fatigue. so it is very important to drink water while performing exercise, especially bodybuilding exercises, in order to maintain body moisture and stability of its temperature.

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