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1. What are HIIT Cardio exercises?

1.1. Best aerobic exercises for HIIT
1.2. HIIT Cardio is superior to regular cardio in burning fat

I don't know if you've heard of it before or not, but it's a true fat burning miracle. A group of aerobic exercises that are combined together in a specific scientific way to ignite the fires of burning fat in your body, not only at the time of exercise, but even after you leave the gym while you sleep at home.

All the details you need to know about HIIT cardio exercises, and how to design your own hitt system, that's exactly what you'll learn with us today.

What are HIIT Cardio exercises?

Literally, it means "high intensity interval training".
Simply put, it is a set of effective aerobic exercises that are combined together with a few breaks, and it will become clear to you more later.  

HIIT Cardio includes many fun and fast exercises, which may be rope jumping, sprints, in addition to many other exercises without any weights or equipment.  

HIIT exercises are based on increasing the consumption of oxygen and delivering it at full speed to the muscles; This allows you to consume more energy and burn more calories. Hiit exercises range from 10 to 30 minutes.

How do you build yourself a complete HIIT workout?

Coming to the important part, how do you design yourself a professional regimen of hitt exercises?

  1. Choose any aerobic exercise you enjoy, such as sprinting.
  2. Walk briskly for 3-5 minutes as a warm-up.
  3. Run at your full speed for 15 seconds (exercise).
  4. Then go for a brisk walk again for at least 60 seconds (rest), and you'll have completed a full turn.
  5. You will continue to run the courses for a duration of (10-30) minutes, depending on your desire.

Looking at the previous system, we will find that the duration of the sprint (exercise duration) is 15 seconds; As for the rest period, it is 60 seconds, so the ratio of exercise to rest (exercise 1:4 rest), what if we raise the duration of the exercise to 30 seconds? Thus, the ratio of exercise to rest (exercise 2:1 rest), so what if we increase the duration of the exercise more and more? It all depends on what suits your body tolerance, but it is not recommended to increase the ratio (exercise 2:1 rest).

Best aerobic exercises for HIIT

You don't need any equipment, and you don't even need to go to the gym, you can practice Hiit anywhere and anytime no matter how tight it is, and don't forget that the workout only takes 10 minutes.

Best HIIT cardio exercises
  • mountain climbers . exercise
  • High Knees
  • Jumps

As I said earlier, all you have to do is choose your preferred exercise and then design your own regimen, or you can even count on more than one exercise.

 HIIT cardio workout model
  1. 30-second mountain climbing exercise.
  2. 45 seconds rest.
  3. squat exercise.
  4. 45 seconds rest.
  5. mountain climbing exercise.
  6. 45 seconds rest.

 Thus, you have completed one cycle, and of course you can do more than one cycle so that the total duration of the exercise is between (10-30) minutes.  

HIIT Cardio is superior to regular cardio in burning fat.

I know you are now thinking about cardio and asking yourself, “What is the difference between hiit and regular cardio?

Cardio always depends on the practice of a certain activity for a relatively long period and at a regular pace; Hiit is for very short periods of time, accompanied by rest periods.

Hiit is better than cardio at burning fat , and this is what was shown by a study conducted on 3 groups of athletes who aim to lose fat:

  • Group A: She was doing cardio.
  • Group B: was doing weight exercises.
  • Group C: She was doing HIIT.

The result was in favor of the C group, which depends on the Hiit, where the group succeeded in losing fat by 30% more than the other groups, knowing that the duration and conditions of exercise were uniform for the three groups. Conclusion: Hiit exercises are the best and fastest fat burning exercise.

HIIT Cardio exercises to increase metabolic rates.

You will find many people who complain that they are not eating a lot of calories but are not losing weight and maybe even gaining some extra fat, Hiit exercises are the most suitable solution for this type of people.

Studies have proven that hiit exercises improve the body's ability to burn more calories throughout the day and not just the time of exercise, or in other words, hiit has a strong and positive effect on raising the metabolic rates of athletes.

Hiit exercises help build muscle

Unlike cardio, which can negatively affect muscle building , HIIT exercises are far from losing muscle mass.

Hiit Cardio exercises are the perfect choice for bodybuilders in the cutting period to get rid of fat while maintaining the muscle percentage as much as possible.

Some studies have found that Hiit exercises greatly help in strengthening the stomach muscles , and it may also be an explicit reason for the progression of the stubborn calf muscle in particular and the muscles of the man in general.

Other health benefits.

Hiit exercises are not only the best way to burn fat, but they also have many other advantages and health benefits.

Hiit exercises have a positive and strong effect on blood pressure problems, especially with those who suffer from obesity and related pressure problems, and this is what has been proven by specialized scientific studies .

Other studies have also shown that HIIT exercises for 12 consecutive weeks can have positive results for diabetics.

stop being lazy

You can do hitt exercises at home for only ten minutes and without any equipment, there is no reason to be lazy or back down.

You don't need to go to the gym or fight your friend on the tread mill or all that annoying stuff, all you have to do is pick a set of fun exercises that you like to do to make your own regimen.

Never think that 10 minutes of hitt isn't enough to transform your body, believe me: Hitts are powerful, maximally effective exercises, and remember that 10 minutes every day is better than 30 minutes a week.

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