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How does fiber help weight loss?

 How Does fiber help weight loss?

How does fiber help weight loss

You can rely on natural fiber for slimming in the treatment of obesity and help you control your weight as these fibers are a nutrient found in nature and the most prominent examples are fresh vegetables and fruit.

On this topic we will show you the role of natural fiber for slimming and its relationship to your weight control and preventing it from increasing or exposing you to obesity, as dietary fiber helps you get the perfect weight without increasing.

Fiber Benefits For Stoning:

This paragraph will show you natural fiber for slimming as it has a role to help you lose weight because it makes you feel full and full for long periods of time, reducing your desire to eat more food, which in turn reduces the calories you consume.

Dietary fibers reduce your weight by helping to control hormones that suppress your appetite. This is because dissolved fibers help reduce the release of hunger hormones such as ghrelin and increase the satiety hormone stimulation such as cholicestokinin as well as glucagon-1-like peptide receptor agonists and YY peptide that reduces appetite by reducing the movement of intestinal eating, Where nutrients such as "glucose" are excreted. they will be slowly excreted into your gut. resulting in your body gradually releasing insulin, which reduces your hunger.

Nutritionists, people with obesity, recommend eating water-soluble fiber, because rich foods, such as oats, carrots, peas and barley. are characterized by low calories, and also help to lose weight healthily and effectively.

Promotion of gut bacteria

Besides other microbes found in the digestive system, the large intestine lives approximately 100 trillion bacteria, known as "Gut microbiome." The diet whenever it is rich in fermentable probiotic fibres. such as in bananas and potatoes, gut bacteria become more capable of doing their vital functions to the fullest. such as losing weight. adjusting blood sugar, strengthening the immune system, enhancing the body's absorption of vitamins and minerals and improving digestion.

Combating chronic infections

Attention to fiber intake will help intestinal bacteria fight chronic inflammation causing heart disease. Alzheimer's and metabolic syndrome. by improving the body's ability to absorb anti-inflammatory nutrients. such as antioxidants and fatty acids. There is evidence that chronic infections are associated with weight gain and excessive obesity.

Restrain appetite

Water soluble fibers, such as pectin, beta glucan, silium and glucomannan. stabilize in the intestine in the form of a gel for a long time, so the person feels full and full for several hours after eating it, which helps to reduce daily calorie consumption. and then lose weight. A recent review of 44 studies showed that 39% of fibre treatments contributed to satiety, and 22% had a role in reducing food intake. According to some scientific evidence. fiber can be relied upon to get rid of belly fat leading to diabetes. heart disease, metabolic syndrome. erectile dysfunction and polycystic ovaries

What is dietary fiber?

Having clarified the role of natural fiber for slimming and weight control remains to recognize these dietary fibers. as dietary fibers are plant carbohydrates that cannot be digested in your microgut so they differ from other carbohydrates that can be digested in the intestine.

Because these dietary fibers are not digestible. they reach your large gut and also the colon as they are to support them with many benefits.

Dietary fibers are divided into two types: soluble fibers. These fibers include "pectin, beta glucans". and insoluble fibers. which include on "cellulose". These two types of fibers are available in various foods of vegetables, fresh fruit. nuts and whole grains.

Your intake of these dietary fibres increases the good bacteria in the gut that feed on these fibres to make in your body disease-resistant substances such as "short-chain fatty acids."

Diet with natural fiber for slimming:

By following a diet and diet to treat obesity using natural fiber for slimming. you can reach the ideal weight you have always dreamed of, but if you feel stomach fatigue or weakness you must stop following it and consult a doctor.
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