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The importance of sport during pregnancy

 The importance of sport during pregnancy

The importance of sport during pregnancy

Some think that exercising during pregnancy is a serious affecting thing, but you can do some light exercise that in turn can help improve your pregnancy and your birth. Whatever your health condition is, your body will still need to exercise that helps boost its vitality, activity, and improve your blood cycle. So in this article we offer you some simple exercise that you can easily do during pregnancy; But don't forget to ask your doctor before you do it.

Exercises you can do easily during pregnancy


Exercise 1: Walking

Make sure to walk periodically during your pregnancy months. It's one of the easy exercises that you don't need to make much effort to do, along with the health benefits it offers to your body. It enhances the efficiency of your circulation, protects you from the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. But pay attention to something, which is that over time you will miss your balance; So you have to walk on level ground, wear comfortable shoes.

 exercise 2: Yoga

Yoga will greatly help you stretch, relax your muscles and enable you to keep your body agile, flexible during pregnancy; But you should avoid doing some yoga positions when progressing in pregnancy months such as those that require you to lie back; Because then the size of the uterus is greater than it can affect the blood flow of your body, to squeeze it on your body's blood vessels, and you shouldn't exceed stretching exercises.

Exercise 3: Swimming

You can do frequent swimming exercises during your pregnancies even in recent months, because it is known that your weight is not in the water, you can easily swim, or even dance in the water without feeling the pressure on your body as a result of the size of your abdomen; That's why make sure you swim whenever you get a chance; So you get an easy, unstoppable birth.

 Exercise 4: Lifting Weights

Yes, what you read is true, you can simply lift weights during your pregnancy; But make sure these weights are light, equivalent to half the weights you used to lift before pregnancy. And it's well known that lifting the weight during pregnancy will get you back to the heavy purposes you will have to carry with your baby. And it will strengthen your arm muscles, which will protect you from the risk of injuries you may suffer during your tumours as a result of losing your balance during pregnancy, You can do this exercise from 50 to 55 minutes in 3 days a week. Some 40 per cent of pregnant women who have done this exercise have shown that they are less likely to gain more weight.

Exercise 5: Running

If you are used to doing a running exercise before your pregnancy, you can ask your doctor if you can continue this exercise, and if you have it available, make sure you do it on level ground while wearing comfortable shoes, and you can easily perform it on the treadmill, but do not harm your knee ligaments; Because during pregnancy these joints allow for soft, do not bear much pressure, i.e. your practice will be more like a quick walk than an enemy.

Exercise 6: Rise of Peace

You can use this simple method as a sports exercise to maintain your health, and your body's vitality during the months of pregnancy, paying attention to that it won't be as simple as you'd like to be, the more months you're pregnant, the harder you move. That's why you have to do this exercise with slow movement in mind so you don't squeeze your leg joints, damage yourself.

Exercise 7: Dance

If you're a dance buff, make it a workout for you during your pregnancy, where you can simply make light moves on different music rhythms whether you're performing them alone at home, or with a group in the gym; But always make sure you hear your body, never try to squeeze it, stress it with fast, hard movements.

Exercise 8: Breathing from the abdomen

This exercise is the simplest of all; But it carries great benefit for your mental health, and for your fetus's physical health, it's one of the well-known meditation exercises in which you breathe so deeply many times with a focus on a point that you become less stressed. And quieter, and then your mood improves, your mental health as your child feeds on your oxygen, Blood food, this exercise is recommended in the last months of pregnancy.

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