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To return to exercise after a time hiatus

 To return to exercise after a time hiatus

To return to exercise after a time hiatus

 Back to Exercise

  •  .Start with body weight exercises
  •  .Focus on strength exercises
  •  .Use free weights
  •  .Commit to basic composite movements
  •  .Do not overstate
  • . Last Word

If you have missed your workout and are ready to return to Gym with all the enthusiasm to pump blood back into your muscles! First let me ask you to maintain this enthusiasm, and secondly let me warn you not to be led by this enthusiasm to break your resolve instead of breaking new weights.

Most of the injuries suffered by trainees are the result of a sudden lifestyle change, that is, when you are lethargic and move directly to a high-intensity training condition without warning. here you will expect any kind of injuries. even if you survive them you will not be able to start a successful training routine. and you will fall into problems such as muscle weakness and slow growth and you may get a muscle imbalance.

In this article we will suggest you 5 steps in order to get back to exercising properly so that you protect yourself from injuries and go off with all the power to get results faster.

Back to Exercise

1. Start with body weight exercises

After a long absence from resistance exercises with weights, especially if you finally stop your usual physical activities at your respite. the athletic performance of the body decreases markedly. It would be a bad idea to go straight to the weights with an unprepared body, so that you will notice the poor efficiency of your exercises and the delay in your development, and you may have some injury.

Body weight exercises will help you to raise strength, improve flexibility, motor and balance. which improves the motor range of your exercise leading to a safe lifting of your muscle gains. Keep in mind that bodyweight exercises combine chest pressure resistance exercises, brains, Scots and other weightless exercises. as well as cardio exercises of walking, running, rope jumping...

At home or in the gym, starting body weight exercises is an important step to prepare your body for the next training stages with strength and safety. I know you're excited about the idea of going back to work out. but consider it that step back in order to take two steps forward.

2. Focus on strength exercises

I know that some people will be afraid to start strength exercises, don't worry, strength exercises are the safest and most effective type of exercise that an intern can do, and I won't blame you for your fears because strength exercises are known for their risks because of the poor performance you experience.

Strength exercises don't mean lifting crazy weights that break your neck, they mean lifting the maximum weight for you in a few iterations that don't exceed 8 counters, and it doesn't mean starting with the maximum weight for you in the first class, you can rationally gradually raise your strength by leaving 3-5 counters before muscular failure.

Return to exercise with strength exercises in the first month after the period of body weight exercises. it will prepare you for the next training period so that it makes your exercises more effective and achieves your goals in building muscle mass. It will also provide you with security by strengthening your joints and ligaments and improving your body balance.

3. Use free weights

When it comes to resistance exercises, the best way to always take it is free weights, by making bar and dumbbells exercises make up 80% of your training classes and the remaining 20% you can perform with cable and appliances.

If you return to work out after a long break you can worry about free weights and prefer devices for being safer. but believe me, if you stick to the basics of training and avoid the crazy movements you watch on Instagram you will be safe from injuries.

Free weights make your body naturally adapt to movement, because they activate more than one muscle and activate more than one joint. this is the body's natural kinetic in normal life, so that muscles resist weight and other muscles stabilize weight.

4. Commit to basic composite movements

Stay stuck in basic composite movements such as squats, dead lift, chest pressure... Yes, I know you've seen some stimulating movements in Instagram for some celebrities. but all of those movements are just geared to attracting attention and more likes, and they don't even get into their daily shows. If you want to see real results. stick to the basics.

Classic composite movements will facilitate your task of building strength and magnitude, and will focus on free weights, achieving your goals of returning to exercise properly, and will also protect you from injuries by strengthening multiple muscle groups at the same time and preventing problems caused by muscle imbalance.

Let you know about the many complexities of your training session, the best bodybuilders and fitness players in the world have very simple training procedures, so why not do like them? Instead of having to use two seats, 4 knobs, 3 rubber bands and a ball, why not use one bar and do a good squat session? The setup will be faster and the workout will be more efficient, and you will not disturb the trainees around you.

5. Do not overstate

I'm not the type to ask you to train easily. but recently science showed that you can get many power and magnitude benefits from just one session a week, although gains vary from level to level, applicants can also benefit from the simplicity of exercise. especially when returning to exercise after interruption.

A huge mistake that trainees always make in gyms is that they continue for long periods with low effort. Try to make your classes short and hard for you, so that you overexert yourself and respect your body's ability to heal. while at the same time relaxing in the gym and wasting a lot of time in ineffective training sessions.

Last Word

Often, the beginning is the most important when it comes to achieving great results, and simplicity is the foundation of continuity and evolution.

Now you have everything you need to know in order to return to exercise with strength and security. just don't forget to maintain social distancing and ensure a safe distance between you and the trainees to prevent any possible infection.

What about you Will you be back working out the moment gyms open or will you wait until the pandemic finally disappears? Tell us in comments.

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