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All about egg protein

All about egg Protein

All about egg protein

Compared to the queen of proteins, whey, egg protein is not as popular among bodybuilders. However, there was a time when it was considered the best protein powder. And even if it is less used today, it still has some interesting qualities, especially for those who do not want to consume dairy products.

The advantages of egg protein

The first interest of egg protein is that it has a slow assimilation speed. It is considered that the body can not assimilate more than 3 grams of egg protein per hour. It is therefore a powder to be used during the day, as a snack or just before bedtime rather than around the training, like whey. We note that these two proteins are not in competition with each other and can complement each other very well in the same food plan.

Another advantage of the egg is its biological value, which is 100 and which serves as a standard for all other proteins. Moreover, it contains all the amino acids that are essential to the human body in an ideal proportion.

Finally, egg protein does not contain lactose unlike many other protein powders, which are mostly derived from milk or cheese. It is therefore suitable for those who are intolerant.

The disadvantages of egg protein

The main drawback of egg protein is undoubtedly its price. Indeed, it is logically affected by the increase in the price of eggs and, as it is less in demand, it has become more expensive than in the past.

Another problem is that egg protein rarely mixes as well as whey or casein. It tends to make lumps, which is not in its favor, or foam, which is not necessarily more attractive. In addition, it has a very particular taste, powerful and salty, which can put off most consumers. Manufacturers have understood this and have added sweeteners to their products, but some tastes are still disturbing and it is often necessary to add an extra cost to the purchase.

Finally, although the egg has a high biological value and is perfectly digested when cooked, this is not the case when raw. Of course, most egg protein products are prepared before they are powdered, so good digestibility is to be expected. However, some consumers report moderate digestion of egg powder.

What is the use of egg protein?

If you have read the above, you will have understood that egg protein is not really suitable for use around training, where we will prefer proteins faster to digest like whey.

We will therefore be satisfied to take egg protein as a supplement to a meal or as a source of protein during a snack. A shake of egg powder can be a good way to start or end the day.

The use of egg protein is only intended to meet your daily protein needs. To determine the dose you need, first calculate your protein needs and judge if you need to take a powdered supplement.

Egg protein is an excellent product for a dry period as it releases protein quite slowly and therefore allows the body to have these nutrients available for a long period of time. This can help maintain the integrity of your muscles during the lean phase.

Can it be contraindicated?

For those allergic to eggs, this protein powder should obviously be avoided. For others, there is no contraindication. As mentioned above, it is even one of the few proteins that do not contain lactose. It is therefore suitable for those who want to avoid dairy products, either out of conviction or simply because of lactose intolerance.

Be aware that protein powders made from whole eggs contain a certain amount of fat. It will therefore tend to bring more calories than other powders and you will have to take this into account in your food plan to avoid gaining fat unnecessarily.

Can we cook egg protein?

In theory, egg protein powder can be used in preparations such as cakes or even to make an omelette.
But, in practice, you have to be careful about what it contains. Indeed, as much as egg protein has no problem with cooking, sweeteners, such as sucralose, can apparently be modified by heat and produce carcinogenic particles.
For such use, it is therefore best to buy a powder that contains only egg and no additives. If in doubt, avoid cooking it. Prevention is better than cure.

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