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Beta Alanine For bodybuilding

Beta Alanine for bodybuilding

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally present in the muscles of the human body and can combine with L-Histidine to form Carnosine. It is this substance that is of particular interest for bodybuilding and more generally for short duration efforts.

In this, it can remind us of creatine which has similar effects and whose use is long term. It is in fact in terms of "new creatine" that some sellers praise its merits. Indeed, the studies that have been done on the use of beta-alanine tend towards a real effectiveness.

How does it work?

Beta-alanine is a precursor of carnosine. A low intake of beta-alanine limits the amount of carnosine in the body. Consuming more beta-alanine is therefore directly linked to an increase in the level of carnosine in the muscles. This would be a more effective and less expensive way to increase carnosine than using carnosine directly.

Carnosine acts as a buffer for the lactic acid produced by the muscles during exercise, especially during the shortest and most intense efforts. Now, the accumulation of lactic acid produced by the effort is one of the reasons that causes muscle fatigue. Taking beta-alanine can therefore reduce the effects of lactic acid and reduce its impact on the onset of fatigue. Carnosine could also have a stimulating effect on muscle cells.

What effects can be expected?

As beta-alanine increases the level of carnosine in the muscles, the latter are less affected by lactic acid and can prolong their effort and therefore improve the athlete's performance during short efforts such as those practiced during a weight training session or during a sprint. Studies have shown that beta-alanine has a positive effect on this type of effort in athletes who have consumed it for a sufficiently long time.

As the athlete can increase the workload during his training sessions, the muscles are more solicited and muscle growth can therefore be greater.

In addition, it also allows to solicit certain muscle fibers that are difficult to stimulate by working more intensively.

Taking beta-alanine could also help improve muscle contraction by stimulating certain nerve cells. This effect would seem to be able to combine with that of caffeine and thus improve its effectiveness. Even if this effectiveness has yet to be evaluated.

Be careful, as with creatine, one should not believe in a miracle effect of beta-alanine. The effect produced is slight and can only be felt as a slight increase in performance. But, over several months of use, this little extra can make a difference and help the user. It can also help the athlete pass a milestone when he/she is stagnating and cannot go beyond his/her limits.

It may be interesting to combine beta-alanine with the effects of creatine since these two supplements will help increase performance by tackling on two fronts what can limit it.

Beta Alanine Dosage

Beta Alanine seems to work like creatine in the way it accumulates in the body and it takes a certain period of use before carnosine levels increase enough for the user to feel the effects.

Several weeks of use are therefore necessary before the effects of beta-alanine can be felt.

But it is also possible to proceed with a loading phase to accelerate the process. One to two weeks of loading may be sufficient. Take 6 to 8 g of beta-alanine per day during this period. Then for the following weeks, a dose of 3 to 4 g should be sufficient.

To improve absorption of beta-alanine and reduce side effects, it is advisable to spread the dose over the day, preferably during meals.

Beta Alanine for bodybuilding

There is not much to expect if use is limited to a single intake, except perhaps a temporary congestion effect. Beta Alanine should therefore be used on a long-term basis in order to benefit from more intense workouts, which will result in improved performance and muscle growth.

The first effects may only appear after 2 weeks of use and the increase in carnosine levels may even continue for 12 weeks.

Side effects of beta-alanine

The main side effect that the use of beta-alanine can cause is a tingling sensation in the extremities. This sensation occurs shortly after taking it and can be an indicator of the effectiveness of beta-alanine. Generally, the tingling sensation lasts only temporarily and is perceived differently by each individual. Some find them bothersome, others find them stimulating.

Apart from the tingling, beta-alanine has no other side effects and is well tolerated by the body.

Our opinion

Beta Alanine is an interesting supplement that acts positively on performance and can be used in conjunction with creatine. However, you will have to be patient to feel the effects, and not expect miracles either.

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